Wednesday, October 07, 2009

SIP Communicator And More Tales (Plus Lessons) From Google Summer of Code Adventures

Emil Ivov, of SIP Communicator and GSoC (Google Summer Of Code) Mentor continues his quest to enlighten us about GSoC projects based on SIP Communicator with the second part, I think mistakenly marked as part one. We spoke about the first part in SIP Communicator And Other Tales From Google Summer of Code Adventures: Part One.

Emil lists three more projects, Geek Communicator, "Dude, checkout my photo!", and DTMF with RTP which were focused on console based SIP Communicator, Settiong your own Avatar and providing an alternative transport for DTMF tones in audio RTP streams respectively. They were all very important projects as the ones we mentioned earlier. I particularly liked the Geek Communicator as most of the time I end up working on consoles only
But what what caught my attention most were the lessons learned through mentoring projects.
If you are thinking of being a mentor, or a GSoC student member, there are some very valuable gems. Read it bookmark it or do what ever you do with a good post.

Google Open Source Blog: SIP Communicator's Summer of Code Adventures: Part One


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