Friday, September 04, 2009

The Surge, Solar Battery Pack For iPhone and iPod

The Surge, solar charger for the iPhone

Ever since we got iPhones, we have been looking for way to extend the use of phones. We have car adapters and chargers, USB cables, battery packs like  fastmac iV iPhone Battery pack andFastMac iPhone iV iPhone Charger Battery Pack
Now there is another way to charge your iPhone / iPod and be green at the same time created by a company called Novothink.. (But you don't have to buy the green color version, see below for that.) I like the idea and and I think it will be a nice addition when we upgrade our phones to iPhone 3GS which is coming due pretty soon.
Features include;
  • State-of-the-art solar panel allows continuous charging from the sun
  • Custom designed and engineered solar panels outputs 5.5V at 100 mAh in full sun
  • 2 hours of direct solar exposure provides about 30 minutes of talk time on a 3G network or 60 minutes of talk time on a 2G network
  • Integrated rechargeable 1500 mAh 3.7 V lithium-ion polymer battery offers 120% capacity of iPhone 3G
  • Advanced lithium-ion polymer battery cell technology prevents overcharging and provides protection from extreme temperature
  • Custom engineered USB 2.0 cable provides high capacity charging and data exchange
  • Powerup and sync with iTunes without removing iPhone 3G or 3G S from case with the provided USB cable
  • Compatible with standard USB charging ports



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