Friday, September 18, 2009

Skype Kaput?

End of Skype
After all these Skype getting sold and resold while getting sued and re sued I was getting bored with the news. But Tom Keating lit a fire under that boredom, I even mouthed WT? (fill in as suitable as my Grandma has very untasty soap, I would not say the word)
The Original Skype boys have played their cards right or craftily. Because for the money they got, they should have been straight with Ebay. According to Tom's post, Joltid could stop Skype from remotely!

"But to answer your question (about whether Skype could be brought down remotely by Joltid), yes, they have the technical ability to revoke the rights of the SkyLib (a cross-platform library written in C++ that underlies the functionality of Skype on all client platforms) remotely. Joltid CAN inject algorithms into the SkyLib ad-hoc overlay network remotely. What they did with Grokster was not advanced and also didn't use cryptographically secure methods, as they were home rolled. SkyLib does, however, use a proper PKI.
The question you must ask yourself is this: Did Joltid, Inc. hand over their Root Certificates with the acquisition of the Skype Client? No, they did not.
This is a political agenda and not what you might think."
 Like Tom I too thought Ebay was crazy to pay 3 Billion but in this light I winder if crazy was too nice a word.
'Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds' Via VoIP & Gadgets Blog


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