Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Multiple Phone Numbers In Google Voice Allows You To Switch Among Then Seamlessly!

Carol and Heather from Google are active again, with their series "Google Voice For Newbies" explaining Google Voice to new comers. Which I first introduced in Free Calls to Canada with Google Voice.
I of course have added all my phone numbers to Google Voice and they do forward to right phone and it was not much of a problem to setup. But when reading the post by my now favorite Google Voice Bloggers, Carol and Heather, I realized that there are more tricks to it than I knew, Just adding forwarding phone numbers.
They taught me a super trick today! Thank you C & H;
"By linking multiple phones to your Voice number, you'll also be able to switch phones mid-conversation. For example, my sister calls my Voice number and I pick up my work phone to speak to her. I chat with her for a few minutes, and then I realize its time to go home. Instead of telling my sister I'm going to hang up and call her again on my cell phone, I simply press the * on my work phone, and my other linked phones will ring. I pick up my cell phone, hang up my work phone, and continue chatting with my sister on my cell. Seamless!"
You too might pick up some knowledge by reading Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for Newbies: Forwarding phone numbers


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