Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Learning More Google Voice Tips, Scheduling your rings

Google Voice For Newbies
Carol and Heather, the "Google Voice For Newbies" series authors continue to provide us with better ways to utilize Google Voice.
I have been using this feature but never occured to me that others may not know about it until I read Carol and Heather's post.
Actually I use it for several reasons and one is what the Googlers mentioned, to screen all calls at dinner time. Yes, all calls go to voice mail during these periods.
I also use it to block calls during our weekly conference calls at work (We have set aside one hour every week, to discuss issues concerning our remote branch offices on Mondays. We also plan out next week during these meetings.) On other days I use it for my Office quality time and do not like to be disturbed. I think I am begining to learn more about Goole Voice and loving it.
But you can use this feature in many a ways. Give it a try!

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