Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Am Becoming A GMail 忍者

But O' Masters, teach me how to bulk erase spam mail on my iPhone!
If you are a GMail user, then  you have a leg up on communicating with people all over the place. Communicating efficiently as well. Features just like the GMail Voice and Chat (the video in that post from the Green belt part of the GMail Ninja guides.)takes the ordinary email to another level.
I use GMail as my main email application. My other accounts are forwarded to it and get labled according to the account which it came from.

If you are not a GMail Ninja do not pret. I have been a GMail user for more than five years and I am still trying to get my black belt.
I also use GMail from my iPhone allowing me to be current with all my emails. And the best part of using GMail on iPhone is that I get to work with folders created based on my labels. So when I am on a bus or BART (Bay Area Rapit Transit) I can manage most of my email tasks on the iPhone.
(I only wish I could bulk erase Spam mail on my iPhone! that is one skill I need). Yes you can suggest or point out new tips as well but I think this Post on GMail Blog is a good start!
More ninja tips in more languages


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