Thursday, September 03, 2009

Google Voice And Video Chat Updated

Google has updated it's Google Voice And Video Chat plugin to version 1.0.13 to improve the service ans also to fix bugs. The current upgrade should provide a smoother communications when you are within th Google Network.

The version 1.0.13 brings you:
  • Improved startup time for both voice and video calls.
  • Detection and recovery for some situations that would cause the plugin to hang indefinitely, which could lead to messaging like "Detecting devices" in the settings page or "Add voice/video chat" in the roster or chat menu.
  • Fixed connectivity problems caused by VMWare virtual network adapters.
If you are not sure of the version you are using, visit your GMail setting (top right hand corner of your GMail page) and click on Chat tab.
Here is an video to introduce GMail Voice And Chat;

Google Talkabout: Google voice and video plugin update


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