Monday, February 02, 2009

Adhearsion v0.8.1 Newer, Better And Shining Like A Ruby!
I mentioned about Adhearsion, The open-source Ruby framework sometime back. But the Adhearsion and the whole framework behind it, including the code, site and the business has gone very far in that short distance.
Today Jason Goecke was kind enough to remind me of the fact. But when I visited the site, I realized that I need to update my links in the previous article, "The Open Source Ruby Framework Adhearsion" as the Adhersion site has changed a quite a bit.
The team (Yes it is we, not I as Jay Philipps said) is is progressing very nicely and offering a bunch of changes to program, the web site and also adding a sandbox to the Adhersion. So you can stay in SIP world totally ignore Asterisk (hope not) if you want to. As Jay mentioned "The user doesn’t even have to have ever heard the name Asterisk.This is a huge advancement in bringing voice development to the masses and the fact that Adhearsion is able to function this way by just enabling a plugin clearly affirms the potential the new Adhearsion version offers."
I was am very attentive to what Jason is doing to Caller ID with his whitepages plugin.
You can lear a lot more at Adhearsion site and of course from the links above.


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