Saturday, August 30, 2008

Android Developers Challenge I Winners!

As we have written a lot about the Android, the open handset alliance project (we are fans! our Google phone coming soon was a DIGG item.), we could not miss writing about developer challenge one, as well. But those lucky winners who got six figure prize money had to be little more than lucky. There were many competitors, each with brilliant ideas and tough judges, seven of them.
According to the Android blog, each judge reviewed all 50 selected Android Challenge applications collaboratively and gave initial scores. Then all judges met together to debate and support their ideas and scoring over conference calls. And that is how these judges came to consensus on which applications should receive $275,000 and which should receive $100,000.
And the winners are,
Ten $275,000 winners, from Cab4me to wertego and another ten, Breadcrumbz to Teradesk, $100,000 winners.
We don't really agree with Android judges (somebody even said lets get what they were smoking!, so we can judge ourselves), we respect their choices. We are good football (soccer) players we always respect the referee!.
But instead of listening to these personal ideas, you can visit the ADC gallery of winners and finalists. I think you will see why it is so hard to choose, they are all good ideas.

Android Developers Blog: Presenting the Winners of the Android Developer Challenge I


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