Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Google Talk Labs Edition, Brings The Web And Desktop Together

I just wrote about connecting Apple iChat IM Application to Google Talk and like iChat, there are many other IM clients that are able to connect to Google Talk. The Googletalk team have been working hard and the latest version, Google Talk Labs Edition, has brought forth many new advantages to the users.
The Labs Edition release uses the open source Webkit engine to host the Google Talk gadget. And by doing so the GoogleTalk team was able to bring the Talk gadget out of your browser, and onto your desktop, which is capable of runing in your Taskbar.
"Google Talk, Labs Edition combines “downloadable client behavior”, like stacking notifications and displaying presence outside the browser, with nearly all of the web behaviors of the Google Talk gadget, such as emoticons, multi-user chat, tabbed conversations, etc. It can also natively display web notifications from multiple sources, such as Gmail and calendar alerts and Orkut scrap changes. A few weeks ago we added invisible mode to the Google Talk Gadget, and this functionality immediately extended to Google Talk Labs Edition."
So go check it out! If you do you may be able to catch Diordna, our communications guy, when he is on the net.

Google Talkabout: Bringing the web and desktop together


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