Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Official Google Blog: Investing in the future of the open Internet

As we reported yesterday, WiMAX BigBang suposed to bring clear hassle free network access to the masses, via clearwater, a pool (no pun intended) of very strong investors reaching into pockets to make, now what it seems 14.5 Billion (Yesterday we thought it was 12 Billion) rich WiMAX service provider.
Google is explaining how and why this is an investment on open internet for all of us and not just a cash infusion of 500 Million Dollars. Google will invest in developing an open Internet protocol to be used over the WiMAX networks on mobile broadband devices. It also plan to help out with open Internet policies and network practices. Google will also provide search and other applications to the network users.
The new company which will adopt the name Clearwire, intends to build and maintain a network that will embrace important openness features. In particular, the network will:
(1) expand advanced high speed wireless Internet access in the U.S.,
(2) allow consumers to utilize any lawful applications, content and devices without blocking, degrading or impairing Internet traffic and
(3) engage in reasonable and competitively-neutral network management.

I think those are three very good reasons for wishing clearwater a bright future.

Official Google Blog: Investing in the future of the open Internet


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