Monday, March 31, 2008

iPhone Gets Ultrasonic Ringtones From Teenbuzz

March 30, 2008

The popular ultrasonic technology offered by has recently been reformatted to include added support for iPhone users.

The technology employs high frequency tones to help younger generations avoid detection of mobile phone usage. While younger teenagers can hear the tones, adults will have a hard time in doing so as a result of naturally occurring hearing loss.

But not everyone is technically savvy enough to get the technology onto their mobile phone. For these people in mind, the service at was upgraded to give iPhone users a special way to use the ultrasonic technology.

The new service works based on subscribing to a PodCast the website offers. Once this is accomplished a download to the ultrasonic ringtones will be given, and they will be automatically added to the ringtones directory of an iPhone user. Note that they will be made available upon successful syncing of the iPhone.

Other mobile phone users need not fret the same service is still available to all mobile phones. The only change has been the upgraded ease of use for iPhone users. Detailed instructions on how to get the ultrasonic technology on both iPhone mobiles and others can be found on the website.
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