Monday, November 12, 2007


Noted Companies at VON FALL
SYDNEY, Australia—Voxalot, the global voice applications provider, has announced the commercial launch of VoxPremiumTM, a service plan that adds a wealth of sophisticated calling features, as well as inbound calling from PSTN phones, to its basic offer of value-added services, expanded free calling range and management tools.

At the same time, the company has redesigned its Web site with a completely new interface to enable easier access to both basic (free) and premium (paid) services.

“We’re excited about the upgrades and new features we’re now able to offer Voxalot members,” said Tony Mascarenhas, Voxalot CEO. “They were developed based largely on community feedback and input—so we know they’re features our users want.”

Voxalot is designed for users who subscribe to one or more SIP-based Internet voice service (or VoIP) plans, enabling them to switch plans without changing their published contact information. Users also have the ability to route outgoing calls through any one of multiple providers, choosing the best-quality or least-cost provider for different destinations. Members make these choices by setting up “Smart Call Rules” on Voxalot’s Web site. The service’s free features include advanced telephony tools and free calling not only to Voxalot members, but to subscribers of 2,000 other SIP-based voice services.

Included in VoxPremium (US$15 to US$40 per year) are the following features and services:

  • Web Call Back: Accepts phone numbers entered on a Web site, calls out to both parties and bridges the call together.
  • Access to DID (Direct Inward Dial) PSTN phone numbers: Members can assign one or more of these to their Internet telephone numbers, enabling them to receive incoming calls from any PSTN phone as well as VoIP phones.
  • Voxalot Call Connection Rules: subscriber can create Call Connection Rules to route incoming calls to any PSTN, mobile or VoIP number based on time of day and caller.
  • Web-accessible voicemail: Messages can be played in any order, saved or deleted direct from the Voxalot Web site. Calls can be returned right from the Web Call Back page with one click.


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