Monday, April 03, 2006

Click to call on Craigslist! But not from Skype

TGLO, the VoIP division of, announced today the availability of its tglophone for users of Craigslist. Users of social classifieds such as Craigslist will now have a powerful communication tool allowing them to talk one on one with a potential buyer or seller.
If you are a Craigslist user, visit TGLO and get the tglophone. Once installed, when the user logins to Craigslist, their accounts will be enabled and a Phone icon will appear next to listing for click to call function.
But as we all know, Craigslist is partially owned by eBay and eBay owns Skype, the king of consumer Voip (IP Telephony). Then why is the TGLO? I would have expected Skype to do the job when I saw the headline on the businesswire. May be Skype is only good at choking networks!


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