Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Online dting service adds VOIP services to the mix.

Had to misspel in order to get trackback to ping.(did not like dating, asian!)
Tom Keating at VOIP Blog is asking why Dating services based here in USA, slow to take on services like VOIP and Video Over IP. He also reports about the addition of VOIP service by Vivox, the largest online dating service in Asia.
Here is a part of press release by Vivox,
Vivox, a pioneer in context-specific communications services, today announced that it will power WorldFriends Networks' (WFN) new WorldFriends Phone service, which will allow WFN's half-million global users to communicate with each other via live text, voice or video chat. In doing so, WFN becomes the industry's first online dating service to provide its user community with an integrated Web-voice-video-Instant Messenger communications platform.

Owned and operated by Meta4 Group Limited, WFN is one of Asia's largest online dating sites. WFN caters to an international constituency by operating in 20 different countries and in four different languages - English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. With more than 150 partner websites, WFN registers more than 1,000 new members every day making it the world's premier provider of private label multi-lingual online personals.

Read the rest and more at VOIP BLOG.....


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